音乐剧/北宋/Modern Europe
“A Mari Usque Ad Marie,从海到海”

"I've felt God's presence in "high church" Roman Catholic and Episcopal masses, as well as in Baptist tent meetings and Pentecostal "shoutin ˋn shakin" revival services. I've sat quietly in Quaker Meetings and sang Methodist hymns at the top of my lungs. I've been blessed by the positive, practical Christianity celebrated in Unity churches, and by the wisdom of 70- to 90-year old Congregational and Baptist women in a Bible study group. With children in my arms, I've danced joyfully to songs of praise and worship during Charismatic worship services, and I've stood awestruck, speechless, inside the womb of majestic Cathedrals. I've prayed the rosary with heart and had a mystical experience kneeling before a statue of the Blessed Virgin."

 —Michael Dowd, Biblical Christianity and the Great Story